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2017 Year-end Gala Dinner | Don't forget your heart, thank you

2018-04-19 by Jun Tai

Do not forget the initial heart, thanksgiving --- Juntai Hydraulics

Time is like water, always inadvertently elapsed

In the past year, our Juntai family has made great efforts

Carrying the task, not forgetting the initial heart, completed on schedule

Know your gratitude and always leave it to you the best

Years are like songs, and the endless years are like

Juntai Hydraulic Technology 2017 Year-end Gala Dinner

The wonderful bloom is about to start...


On-site moderator: Mr. Su, Miss Tu

Fun, funny, humorous, inspiring the atmosphere of the audience


Happy laughter,

Through the fun annual party!


Dinner photo


Sales team, opening dance "catch money dance"

dynamic and stylish dance

The action of youthful vitality, the whole audience is hign up

2018, working hard to complete annual turnover


[motor unit finishing line]

A classic old song "Ice Rain"

Missing the past

Grateful for the good life you have now

You are more exciting...


[Rotor group finishing line]

Thank you for not saying too much

But in my heart, thank you all silently

This song is sent to you


[Rotor assembly line]

We are all from all corners of the country

Today has a chance to gather together

That is "Friends"

Friends' friendship, longer sense


General Manager's 2018 New Year's Greetings

Ignite passion, look to the future, dreams take off

Hello everyone!

Tonight we gathered together to hold Juntai Hydraulic's 2018 annual meeting. First of all, thank all the brothers and sisters of Juntai Hydraulics who attended the party tonight, thank you for your support and silent support in the past years. Thank you. Hard work and shoulder-to-shoulder, work hard for the company's development and growth, thank you!

2017 is an extraordinary year. During this year, Juntai Hydraulic faced a more severe market competition and experienced several adverse effects caused by rising raw material prices. However, our sales team withstood the pressure and faced difficulties to achieve a 30% growth rate for the full-year target. The achievement of this achievement is hard to come by, it is worthy of congratulations, and I sincerely thank all of us for their hard work!

(Slightly here.....500 words)

If we don’t do it today, can we have a future? I don't think there is a future!

So, if we believe in the future, we must be doomed to grasp today. We must do what we want today, and we have a future.

Everyone here is also changing our thinking mode and changing our mindset. As long as we are united and united, we will quickly adjust to market changes, adhere to the principle of “customer-centered, quality-winning future”, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Abandoning old ideas and seeking new changes, I firmly believe that our enterprises can continue to develop in an orderly and orderly manner.

Finally, here to give everyone a happy New Year! And I wish all the family members a smooth job, a happy life, a happy and healthy life!

Thank you all!


Lottery ring


[Engineering Department]

Mr. Wu sings - "Let the tears turn into a lovesickness"

Missing is a wonderful thing

But TA has endless power





Yang Zong shared the team's endeavor journey

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your company for so many years.

Thank you for your continued efforts.

Thank you for your trust in me and Zhan.

Thank you for your unselfish contribution to us.

Thanks to my mother for bringing me to my career.

who am I?

I am a confident, brave, big woman.

I believe that everyone who is sitting is such a person.

I believe in myself, believe in our team, and believe in all those who support me.

Juntai’s coming today is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of every family member.

In order to be more brilliant tomorrow, Juntai’s family can live a better life for a responsibility and mission.

let's work hard together

Not give up?

Do not abandon

Strive to build Juntai into an influential brand company in China's hydraulic field

Thank you guys

I wish you all a happy family! healthy and happy!




[Technology Research Group 2]

In this city, the track is deeply left

This song is recorded, nostalgia

There is a good memory in my heart


[Technical Director of Oil Pump Department]

Send "Zhongzhi on my chest"

Technology needs to be explored day and night

Happiness is achieved by yourself

As long as you are brave, you can achieve it


Business Department Dance - "Panama"

Unite to achieve personal dreams

Indomitable spirit, move forward

Excellence determines the future


Piece "Non-Thunder"

Performers: Zhang Qingli, Zhan Wen, Zhan Cui,

Wang Yongqiang, Chen Ping, Zeng Tao, Chen Sheng

Laughing essays, sensational audience

Two male guests, blind date


Quality Department Chorus - Invisible Wings

Dream always needs to be implemented step by step

The details must always be persistent

Work hard, keep trying, to get the purpose

Quality wins the future, Juntai Hydraulics

Invisible wings, symbolizing potential

After all, there will be wings flying high and soaring in the sky


Purchasing Department Dance: "Little Apple"

Performers: Cai Huiling, Yi Huiling,

Li Yinglian, Wen Xiaoxia

Divine Comedy "Little Apple" is popular all over the world

Tiny light source, time lapse

Can illuminate the earth

If you like it in your heart, you have to say it loudly.


The warehousing department sang: "The wind and rain are unimpeded"

We have experienced countless waves in a year

We are calm and unwavering

No fear of any difficulty, let us go forward


[Oil Pump Finishing Group]

There are many feelings about life.

This "Life in the Bluff", for the burning of the heart

Hungry, pursuing recognition and adherence to yourself

Touch your own emotional boundaries


Children's Sign Language Program --- "Grateful Heart"

The life we love, gives us unlimited possibilities

Grateful feelings, not to mention everything

Treasure of God's life experience

Gratefulness has always been hidden in the heart

Sense/Thank/To/Right< /span>

Juntai Hydraulics · Professional Pilot Dinner, wine, food, and food.

With the accompaniment of warm music, the evening of the whole game, everyone's laughter, the 2017 dinner, the perfect ending, while starting our 2018 plan, work together to create brilliant ...

15 years focused on R&D and production of oil pump motors

The transformation of Juntai Hydraulics for 15 years, the tempering of the same winds and rains

2018 We continue to move forward and create new heights

Meet 2018, let us move to a successful route

Guangdong Juntai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.
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