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Hydraulic Parts - High Pressure Quantitative Vane Pumps What do you know about the main knowledge?

2018-04-20 by Jun Tai

1. High pressure vane pump shaft is not allowed to directly bear radial and axial forces to avoid abnormal damage to the oil pump.
2. When cleaning, carefully clean the surface of the hole and the connected shaft to reduce the fretting wear of the shaft end surface of the YB-E high pressure vane pump caused by vibration, so as to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the shaft diameter for a long time.
3. Pay attention to distinguish between the oil inlet and the oil outlet. Generally, the oil inlet is large, the oil outlet is small, and the oil outlet is not reversed. When the YB-E high pressure vane pump is turned to meet the direction of the sign arrow, the motor can be started, and the oil pump is officially started after the oil drain is normal.
4. The suction height of the PV2R high-pressure hydraulic pump generally does not exceed 500mm, and the pump suction pressure is between 0.02 and 0.025MPa. The larger the displacement of the YB-E high-pressure vane pump, the higher the suction pressure.
5. The inlet port of the PV2R high pressure vane pump, the joint of the pipe joint until the oil suction pipe above the tank oil surface and the accessories must be tightly sealed, no part of the gas leakage, otherwise a large amount of foam will be generated in the fuel tank, air Inhalation can also cause cavitation in the oil pump, causing oil pump noise, damage and vibration of the hydraulic system.
6. In order to prevent the PV2R high-pressure vane pump from inhaling debris and reduce wear, the oil inlet of the high-pressure vane pump should be equipped with an oil filter of 100-180um, and its filtering capacity should not be less than three times the pump flow rate. It is recommended to install an oil filter with an accuracy of 30~50um at the oil drain port to ensure the cleanliness of the oil and improve the stability of the hydraulic system and the working life of the hydraulic components.
7. In order to ensure the performance of the high pressure vane pump and prolong the service life, the hydraulic system should use anti-wear hydraulic oil. It is recommended to use N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The long-term working oil temperature should be in the range of 10 °C ~ 60 °C. The design of the fuel tank should be closed. The oil filter should be cleaned regularly and the quality of the oil should be checked. The working fluid should be replaced according to the actual situation.
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